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The following sites are operated by members of the Rating and Review Professional Association: (ASL Interpreter directory and reviews)
US, Canada (child care directory and reviews)
US, Canada (health care provider reviews by users)
US (doctor reviews, dentist ratings, restaurant reviews, lawyer ratings and much more)
US, Canada

ED Treatment - Counselors (Counselors, sex coaches and therapists who treat Erectile Dysfunction)
US, Canada

ED Treatment - Doctors (Doctors specializing in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction)
US, Canada

J'Equine Sport (farriers, boarding facilities, trainers, equine ratings and reviews)
International (lawyer ratings)
US, Canada (mechanic and auto repair reviews)
US, Canada (dentist ratings and reviews)
US, Canada (doctor and dentist ratings)
US, Canada (Users review their managers and bosses)
US, Canada (Employer and company reviews)
Canada (rate military job categories)
US (realtor and real estate agent ratings)
US, Canada (website ratings and reviews)
US (hair salon and stylist reviews)
US, Canada (veterinarian reviews and recommendations)
US, Canada