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Milk crates have been stealing the show of late. A new internet fad called the “milk crate challenge” has taken the US by storm. It’s nothing short of fun though it can get very painful if done the wrong way. In this challenge, plastic milk crates are kept on top of each other to make a staircase that ascends to a peak and descends on the other side. People need to climb up the crates and climb down without falling down. That’s easier said than done. Plastic milk crates are known for being wobbly but that has not deterred people from trying out the challenge.

But not everyone gives up. There are stalwarts who can turn a seeming failure into a win. Watch this man skipping down a falling hill of milk crates. Who would believe he didn’t fall? The video, posted on August 23, already had 5.1 million views.

People have started trying out the challenge in different ways. A woman climbed the milk crates with her high heels on. Guess what? She finished the challenge with grace. At the time of writing, the video had 3.1 million views.

However, there are many people who are falling and hurting themselves. While the fails look quite painful, many are taking it in good humour. Here is a video that plays the action in rewind motion and adds a “Christopher Nolan” touch to it. You didn’t see that coming, did you?

One person completed the challenge while wearing roller skater shoes. We admit the milk crate hill was shorter this time but that doesn’t water down this man’s success. He even wore a panda mask over his head and wrote, “Let it be known I’m the first light skin panda in the world to do milk crate challenge on skates.”

If you are waiting to see a true champion of this challenge, head to this video. A man is seen climbing up a milk crate staircase inside a gym while munching on a plate of food. As soon as he reaches the top, he hands over the plate to a woman and takes a pair of dumbbells to exercise. He hands them over, gets back his plate of food and easily completes the challenge.

Mock videos are also plenty. In one, a man climbs up just one milk crate and congrats himself for taking up the milk crate challenge. We are sure it couldn’t get any funnier.

We are sure the victors of this challenge are masters of balance. To the ones who failed, we can only wish them a quick recovery.