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A Twitter user spotted a rather hilarious spelling mistake on a hospital signboard in the UK. The image he tweeted soon began to do the rounds on the internet. The photo shows a signboard from Leeds General Infirmary. The user shared the snap and wrote, “Spot the spelling mistake.” It might take you some time to read through the list and notice the mistake. The ward numbers and wing names are all correct. So where is the error? Take a look and see if you can find it:

Were you able to find the error? Don’t get impatient. Move your eyes to the end of the signboard, just below the “Outpatient Pharmacy”. The next point refers to the in-patient centre for psychological medicine. However, the signboard reads “impatient centre”.

The tweet has made users crack up to the misspelt word and has received over 23.9k likes and over 1.7k retweets.

The official Twitter account for the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust noticed the blunder and promised to fix it They replied with a tinge of humour, “Good spot! We should probably fix that. Maybe give us a few days, please? Don’t be… well yeah.” Of course, they don’t want us to be impatient anymore.

Many users were amused by the misspelt signboard and took the conversation further.

Well, we are keeping all our impatience to ourselves and giving the hospital all the time it needs to fix that board.