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Houses For Sale At ₹ 87 In This Italian Village. Nope, No Zeros Missing

Italy has been selling off houses in its picturesque countryside for one euro (approximately ₹ 87) each to anyone willing to commit to restoring them. The long-term goal of this

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DeVonta Smith is expected to play tonight

Eagles rookie receiver Devonta Smith didn’t get his feet wet in last week’s preseason opener. It appears, though, that he will tonight. Smith is expected to play against the Patriots,

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To sit less and promote healthy aging, artificial intelligence may be key

We all know sitting for long periods impacts our health and well-being一and not in beneficial ways. That’s why Northeastern researchers are studying how to get people to sit less and

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ECB’s new guidance can boost inflation expectations, Lane says

The European Central Bank’s new policy guidance can boost inflation expectations, paving the ground to higher interest rates down the line, the ECB’s chief economist Philip Lane said on Thursday.

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Check out the all-new Clock app in Windows 11, now with added features

We know that Windows 11 brings some fresh changes to a number of the OS’ stock apps, and Microsoft has just delved deeper into what we can expect to see

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Tom Cruise Liked This Dish So Much, He Ordered It Twice At Asha Bhosle’s Restaurant

We bet you didn’t know that Tom Cruise loves chicken tikka masala. Nor did we. But his trip to Asha’s ( in Birmingham, UK), an Indian cuisine restaurant owned by

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